Overwatch Uprising Event

      AbbReview:  The best Overwatch event yet, keep it up Blizzard!

Orisa, Mcree, Genji, Mercy, Tracer, Tornjorn, Widowmaker each got a Legendary skin
Reinhardt and Bastion each got an Epic skin
King's Row has been completely reworked for the event featuring new dialogue and narration across its PvE game-mode
You can play the story based mode or can choose your own team of four characters to fight off Malsector

      The new Overwatch event went live today and servers were backlogged for an hour as 50,000  players (I was player 50,001) queued to launch the game all at the same time trying to rush in to see all there is to see in Blizzard's first canon event.  Unlike all of the previous events that we've seen, Uprising is an event from the history of  the world of Overwatch and not just a holiday from the real world such as Halloween, Winter Holidays, and Chinese New Year.  Uprising takes place seven years before the events in the main game and we can see the younger members in all of their former glory.  Soldier 76 is still Commander Morrison, Reaper is still Gabriel and the leader of Blackwatch.  Other members of Blackwatch include McCree and a not quite Green Cyborg Ninja Weeaboo (yet) Genji.  Even Widowmaker appears just after her indoctrination by Talon as we can see her with normal skin rather than the blue skin from her artificially slowed heartbeat.
      So how many skins are there and who got skins from this event?  Genji and McCree both received Blackwatch skins (Gabriel already had a skin for Origins Edition copies of the game), Widowmaker got a Talon skin, the Strike Team members (Mercy, Tracer, Reinhardt, and Torbjorn) each got a new skin, and Orisa and Bastion received a Null skin from the event game-mode. Only Reinhardt and Bastion's skins are Epic however, the rest are all legendary so hopefully you have some credits saved up to buy the skins you want before the even ends.
      The event game-mode itself is a PvE similar to Junkenstein's Revenge; it is plot driven; it contains unique dialogue from each character as well as a narration; it has four characters to choose from for the match; and it brings back the life bar on an objective you must defend.  Uprising improved upon Overwatch's debut PvE by adding a secondary game-mode where you are not limited to any characters and can choose whoever you want to play as to make some devastating team compositions.  However, choosing different characters will result in some of the dialogue changing or being replaced entirely by a more generic narration.  The dialogue of the event conveys the personality of each of the characters as Tracer is a new recruit and she tells us about the uprising happening in King's Row.  Torbjorn has constructed a glorified battering ram that we have to escort to an objective in a classic payload style and it has numerous malfunctions while he swears it will work and he should be trusted.  Reinhardt messes with Torbjorn more and jests to hide behind his shield from Torb's machine, and Mercy is looking out for everybody's safety especially their new recruit.  Following the Omnic War, Humans and Omincs got together to move on and began building a society to improve relations.  Malsector launched a suprise attack and killed hundreds, potentially beginning a new war and you and your friends (or some randoms) have to stop it.  King's Row looks completely different, there are barricades everywhere, Omnics are falling from the sky, and it's during the DAY!  You play as Reinhardt, Torbjorn, Mercy, and Tracer in their new skins and the game is solid.  It suffers from the same predictability that we saw in Junkenstein's Revenge since the Omnics are predetermined drops but you can use this to get a better score and master higher difficulties.  The map is large and there is plenty to do in the game, from capturing three points, to escorting a payload, to even exterminating an Omnic force.  This is a great event that is a lot of fun to play and brings a lot of new skins and emotes for all of your favorite Overwatch and Blackwatch characters.


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