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Overwatch Uprising Event

AbbReview:  The best Overwatch event yet, keep it up Blizzard!

Orisa, Mcree, Genji, Mercy, Tracer, Tornjorn, Widowmaker each got a Legendary skin
Reinhardt and Bastion each got an Epic skin
King's Row has been completely reworked for the event featuring new dialogue and narration across its PvE game-mode
You can play the story based mode or can choose your own team of four characters to fight off Malsector

      The new Overwatch event went live today and servers were backlogged for an hour as 50,000  players (I was player 50,001) queued to launch the game all at the same time trying to rush in to see all there is to see in Blizzard's first canon event.  Unlike all of the previous events that we've seen, Uprising is an event from the history of  the world of Overwatch and not just a holiday from the real world such as Halloween, Winter Holidays, and Chinese New Year.  Uprising takes place seven years before the events in the main game and we can see the younger members in al…

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